Hello World!

The title is a esoteric reference you should feel no shame in not knowing. In the last sentence was a grammatical error you should feel shame in not seeing; I’ll point it out at the end of the post for your enlightenment.

Welcome! Welcome to my blog, if you haven’t read the description don’t because I’m about to repeat it. If you have I’m sorry, but this one is better; so keep reading.

This blog is the culmination of, well, not much concrete and a ton of abstract brain churning. I make no promise that the contents of this blog will not offend, inspire, uplift, expand, stretch, or stir you. I make no promise that it will; after all, you’re an anonymous reader and I can’t tailor this to you not knowing who you are.

I’m an engineer fresh out of university attending a ministry school in California. I’m Canadian. I’ve needed a creative outlet for a long time and I’ve been meaning, like so many others, to start a blog for a long time. I’m leveraging my being separated by thousands of miles from family to kickstart the process. I’ll be writing about my adventures in California, about thoughts on a plethora of things, about God, about politics (rarely, though November is coming), and posting some of my fictional writing. I’ll do my best to always:

  1. Deliver content in a way that is easy to digest and understand
  2. Be witty and light
  3. Be respectful to the topics or persons I’m discussing.

If I ever violate these guidelines, call me out on it. I’ll ignore you at my discretion 🙂

A look at upcoming posts:

  • My thoughts on being funny
  • The narrative of my first D&D campaign (re-edited and released in pieces)
  • Updates on life in Redding (depending on length 1-3 times a week if I can)
  • Brainstorming my next writing project
  • Websites I like, and you should check out
  • Movies I like, and you should check out
  • Bands I like/have liked, and you should/should have check(ed) out
  • How to be a good Bethel student
  • Common sense and what it really looks like
  • Arguing vs. Discussion, how to disagree with honour (that ‘u’ is British/Commonwealth, deal with it)
  • I Like Trains
  • Art and its importance in all our lives
  • Originality (cleverer title to come)

If you like, suggest where I should start in the comments below. Or suggest a whole new topic.




P.S. I wrote ‘a’ when I should have written ‘an’.

P.P.S. ‘F1RST!!‘ was a close second for the title.