Redding: Day 40

I hope I can have more posts as brief yet detailed as this one. There will be a Day 26 to 39 post, but I’m in a mood to share and don’t want to be brought down by the silly notion that I have to do this in order.


We’ve had balloons in our house for three days now, absconded from a party on Friday night. They floated on today, and Jesse (my brother) had the awesome idea to release them from their ribboned bondage and let them loose.

This led to fifteen minutes of light headed blowing and waving things trying to move the balloons from different distances and positions, a series of trials taken on largely by himself; with me watching. Then the even better idea of using the fan to do all the heavy air lifting, with him guiding the balloons to continuous bouts of buffeting.

The funniest part was he left the fan on and balloons near it, so throughout the day you’d hear something akin to people skulking about your house, when really it was the balloons. What fun.



IĀ endeavouredĀ to make soup from scratch today, it took way longer than expected, and looks like someone yacked a three bean salad into a pot, see below:


It’s a thirteen bean soup with kale. It actually tastes way better than it looks, and will nourish me well. I’ve wanted to make soup from scratch for a long time, about a year now. This a promising start!

Man Up Mondays

You may have noticed in that pitiful excuse for a picture of a balloon being hit by a fan that Jesse was looking like one dapper catch (ladies…). According to Sam Mondays are ‘Man Up Mondays’; where men, of this house, think back to a classier time and dress like the dapperest of sirs. I enjoyed the excuse:


Somebody get me a monocle!

Sam is home now, Jesse’s showing him the balloon basics, still like a sir: