Sweeping out cobwebs

Hey all,

As many undoubtedly have forgotten, I made a promise to write stories to people who donated to my trip to NYC this past April. I have not forgotten! Rather my lack of follow through has weighed heavily upon me these past months.

Well, no more. I’m here to announce that over the next few weeks I’ll be writing and releasing as much as possible to bring me up to par. I’ll be beginning with a republishing of my short story “Agrin’s Gate” a tale set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, based on the D&D sessions played by Karl Reimer, Andrew Alkema, Josh Matthews, Jake Redekop, Rylan Halteman, John Baarda, Grant Davis, and myself. This tale will be revised and expanded to make for a more compelling tale, and will include one of my sponsors as a character!

If all goes well, you should see another post sometime later today.


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